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Quinton Steel (Wellington) Ltd.
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About us

Quinton Steel
Drawing on 40 years of proven manufacturing experience, at Quinton Steel we offer strong QA, project management and experienced staff. Our 34,000 square foot facility is equipped to handle the largest and heaviest of projects, with over 250,000 lbs of available lift.

Since our incorporation, Quinton Steel has specialized in building a large variety of custom heavy steel fabrications including large split gears, eccentric gears, intermediate gears and gearboxes, as well as complete main fabrications for mechanical and hydraulic presses, rolling bolsters and die transfer frames. We are also servicing the mining and offshore oil drilling industries, fabricating winch and hoist drums, drilling platforms, motor mounts, drawworks, and other equipment.

Quinton Steel
We have the buying power to ensure competitive pricing on all of the steel we purchase. Today we are the largest customer in Ontario to two major steel buyers. This ensures we get the best pricing available and preferential deliveries when needed.

We have undertaken the fabrication of several ambitious prototypes, using our extensive welding experience to collaborate closely with design engineers, finding innovative ways to reduce costs and improve quality.

We currently employ fifty people on two shifts.


Quinton Steel
Rick Gajewski arrived in Canada on June 22, 1965, with his technical background and twenty years experience in the fabrication trade in England as a boilermaker plater. After four years in Canada as the plant superintendent at Warner Swasey, he founded Quinton Steel (Wellington) Limited in 1968.

The phrase J.I.T. manufacturing was not commonly used when Rick Gajewski started to buy all the steel for jobs cut to size for work in progress. Most of Quinton Steel's competitors were carrying large inventories and cutting their own steel to size. As the company grew, Quinton Steel's buying power increased, keeping the company's prices competitive in the growing market.

In 1974, Quinton Steel moved into its current facility, a plant designed by Rick Gajewski, for the sole purpose of manufacturing large steel fabrications.

In 1978, Rick's son, Stefan, joined Quinton Steel working in the plant. Using his engineering background from the University of Western Ontario and attending technical college, he learned every aspect of the trade. After 12 years of experience in the plant, Stefan moved into a management position and is currently President of the company.

In 1995, the existing plant was doubled in size to accommodate the market requirements for larger sized fabrications. All the while, we maintained our focus on providing the best in quality, price and delivery.

In the past five years, our work has expanded from press and machine bases into gears, gear reducers, offshore drilling equipment, mining equipment and a wide variety of other custom fabrications, including innovative prototypes.

Quinton Steel built its reputation on competitive PRICE, QUALITY and DELIVERY. These are the cornerstones of our company and have ensured our continued growth.