Custom Heavy Steel Fabricators

Quinton Steel (Wellington) Ltd.
570 Imperial Road North, PO Box 163 Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1H 6J9
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Our extensive experience and over 250,000 lbs of lifting capacity prepare us to handle fabrications of vast size and complexity. We have completed a wide variety of projects for companies in the Mining, Automotive, Construction, Oil and Steel sectors.

Quinton Steel-Services
With a location less than 20 miles from two large heat treatment plants, we can ensure a fast turn around is easily obtained for heat treated weldments. For less critical weldments, we offer our own in-house vibratory stress relieving. We are also equipped with our own shot blasting and prime painting facilities.
Quinton Steel-Services

We are ready and able to perform on-site repairs of nearly any carbon-based weldable product. From presses, gears, tie rods and gearboxes to any other custom fabrication, our expert welders will get your equipment back in working order.

As experts in prototype development, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with our customers to find innovative design solutions. Whether designing an initial prototype or adjusting an existing design, we can help you improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase quality by drawing on our wealth of welding knowledge. Our experienced staff members test their ingenuity daily to achieve this goal. Your success is our priority.

  • 250,000 lbs of lift
  • Efficient heat treatment
  • In-house vibratory stress relieving
  • Prototype development
  • Project management
  • Prime painting